Signs of aging shingles – Something In The Gutters

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Worrying about aging shingles? Remember, your roof is a series of elements functioning not unlike a human body.

Like the human body, there are visible signs of distress when it is damaged. Think of the various elements of your roof — shingles, chimney, flashing, gutters, etc. — as an immune system for your home, keeping it in check.

There are signs of distress, however subtle, that can be detected by a keen eye when this immune system has been compromised. A small blemish in one area may indicate a more serious problem in your home's "body".

Here's a problem in your gutter that is actually a clue to aging shingles. A quick examination of your gutters every few weeks is always recommended, if only just to ensure that they are clean. The debris found in your home's gutter is typically limited to leftover elements from past inclement weather like fallen leaves. However, you may notice bits of sediment popping in to your gutters. This unexplained sediment is likely granules from your shingles. The granules from your shingles protect your home from harmful UV rays. As the granules appear in your gutter, it is a sign that the shingles are aging and need replacement.

The presence of gutter granules is cause for concern, but that is dependent on the frequency of their appearance in your gutters. Spotting granules from your aging shingles on occasion is no cause for alarm. Yet if large portions of granules are popping in your gutters with any frequency, you will need to call a professional.

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