Should You Reshingle This Winter?

Snow on roof in the winter

One of the more common calls we receive as a roofing company is to aid a homeowner with reshingling their roof. Same Day Roofing is proud to offer our expertise on the issue and guarantee that all roofing tasks will be completed with both expertise and efficiency. Commonly, any reshingling is done in the Spring or Summer months so as not to get besieged by rain, snow, or other precipitation, detritus, and seasonal issues that can hamper roofing projects during the peak months of Fall and Winter.

If it is typical and even recommended to commit to reshingling one’s roof in the Spring and Summer, one question we are often asked is:

“Is it even possible to reshingle my roof in the Winter?”

With a professional and highly motivated roofing team working on your roof, it is entirely possible to have your roof reshingled in the Winter. However, there are many unwelcome challenges that make the situation longer, more difficult, and potentially more costly. First, a reshingling appointment could only be scheduled and kept when the weather is reasonable enough to permit roofing work in the first place.

Secondly, there could be an issue with the tools one needs to get the job done. Remember that an air compressor is a big part of any roofing job. A compressor will be used with the nail gun that is attaching your new shingles to the roof. It is generally accepted that the ideal temperatures to install shingles is between 4 and 26 degrees celsius. In colder temperatures, moisture and condensation could build up causing dampness and slippery ice patches to interfere with the job and put roofers at unnecessary risk.

Lastly, you want to consider the most important element in this job: the shingles themselves. Some shingles, such as asphalt shingles, will be less pliable during colder months and much harder to install.

With these three key considerations in mind, we advise homeowners that reshingling in Winter is possible but not recommended. If you have any roofing questions, trust the experts. We service Dundas, Stoney Creek, Hamilton, Ancaster, Burlington, Mount Hope, Grimsby, or St. Catharines, and surrounding areas. You can reach Same Day Roofing anytime at (905) 902 7663.

The Biggest Danger To Your Roof This Winter – Part Two

In our last post, we looked at how precipitation in Winter can turn a common annoyance into a threat to your home and safety. We are not out of the woods for this post, either. That was just for examining any weak spots on your roof and how that might affect your home and security. This time we have to look at a danger that may be beautiful to look at, but is nonetheless very real: icicles.

Removing the excess rain, leaves, and detritus from your gutter can be a mild annoyance, but cleaning your gutters in Winter is a necessity. If condensation from rain or snow builds up in your gutters to the point that it overflows from your gutters, it could quickly freeze. Once frozen, you have got ice and icicles that could bend or break parts of your gutter system.

More urgently, icicles and large, heavy chunks of ice run the risk of falling from your roof. The best case scenarios for such an event are injury, but noticeably sharp or heavy icicles have been known to cause death in rare instances. Just because death from icicles is infrequent does not mean you should rest easy on checking your roof and gutter system and keep them both clean and ready for Winter’s harshest elements.

To safely clear off icicles, use a long rake, shovel, or broom stick and handle it in a “backwards” position (i.e: so the wooden or plastic stick end is facing away from you). Then, extend your stick handle in a diagonal fashion–think “up and over”. Up and over is easy to remember, but it’s also your safest option. Raising so it can be raised to the roof from the ground and away from your body at the same time. Be sure to alert your family and anyone else in or near your home that you are clearing icicles, in order to minimize accidents.

If you suspect your gutters are in a state of disrepair or would like a professional to inspect any aspect of your roof, you can always call us (905) 902 7663 for a free estimate on any potential repairs. Be it roof installation or roof repair, Same Day Roofing are the definitive experts for roofing in Hamilton, Oakville, Burlington, and surrounding areas.

The Biggest Danger To Your Roof This Winter – Part One

As a homeowner, you are doubtlessly relieved if you have gone from Spring to Summer to Fall without incident or need for costly emergency repairs. You breathe easy because you have carefully maintained your home and your roof and you need a break. You deserve it. However, don’t rest too easy. Your work is never done when it comes to your roof and the maintenance of the roofing system that protects you, your family, and your home. While the rest of the year may have seemed easy, it was preparation for the biggest challenge to come. Winter is coming…

The Winter months are the biggest strain on your roofing system. It’s the weather, the elements, and all kinds of forces that are out of your control. Your roofing system will be putting in overtime working with extra resilience to keep you and your family protected. Yet, there is a danger lurking on your roof this Winter that you need to think about in order to prevent accidents.

Precipitation is that danger. In addition to the usual rain and detritus that can hit your roof, you will now have to deal with snow, freezing rain, hail, sleet, and ice as it accumulates on your roof. As preventative maintenance, you are going to want to check your roof from an inside and outside view to make sure there are no weak spots. By weak spots, there may be cracks in your ceiling or areas that experienced mild leaking during heavy rain.

With no weak spots to worry about on your roof, you have one last thing to consider: your gutters. In the second part of this blog post, we will be looking into your gutter system and what you need to do to be prepared this Winter.

Are you concerned about the state of your roof? Do you think you need to have your gutters or shingles spruced up before the harshest aspects of Winter come knocking at your door? Trust the professionals. You can always call Same Day Roofing at (905) 902 7663 for a free estimate on roof replacement or any potential repairs. Remember, Same Day Roofing offers roof repairs and installations in Hamilton, Oakville, Burlington, and surrounding areas.

How To Maintain Your Tile Roof

how to maintain tile roof

One of the key aspects of maintaining your tile roof is ensuring that it is secure. You can put your mind at ease if you have a professional roofing company handle the job. After all, if you want to sleep with peace of mind knowing that you and your loved ones are safe and secure, it is best to trust the professionals.

So, one question we are frequently asked is: what is the best method for cleaning a tile roof?

Here’s what you need to know. The last thing you want to do is resort to a pressure wash. While the tiles make a strong, secure barricade against the elements in unison, their weaknesses are apparent when a great deal of pressure is applied to the individual tiles. Pressure washing your tiles can often put too much pressure on each of your tiles, compromising their integrity. Blasting the tiles with water can seem like a quick fix, but it might be causing more damage than the cleaning is worth. Pressure washing can erode the concrete tiles or penetrate through into the felt below, resulting in a leak in your home.

The safest way to keep your tile roof clean is also the most time consuming, but it is worth it in the long run: individually cleaning the tiles of your roof. Your options for this? One is by applying a trowel and a wire brush and to wash them manually with water. For any signs of moss of fungus, reasonably priced fungicides and chemicals can remove these problems. Consult a roofing expert if that is a solution you might need for your roof.=

Are you in need of a consultation with roofing experts? Whether it’s roofing in Dundas, Stoney Creek, Hamilton, Ancaster, Burlington, Mount Hope, Grimsby, or St. Catharines, Same Day Roofing offers dependable service you can trust. We take your roof repairs and maintenance with the utmost care and you can always submit your questions via our contact page or call us at (905) 902 7663. You can trust your home with us.

The “How” and “Why” Of Roofing

how does roof work

Roof installation and roof repair in Hamilton, Burlington, Ancaster, and Stoney Creek has long been our claim to fame at Same Day Roofing. As a result of being your first call for roofing services for over 15 years, all of us at Same Day Roofing get a number of different questions from homeowners of all ages. One of the most common questions we get from new homeowners is “how exactly does my roof work”?

While the question may seem basic on its face, it is never too late to learn the intricacies of your roof and its functionality. After all, how often do you consider the different elements that work together to create your roof? Before we look at the “how” of that question, we should really underline the basics of what your roof does. A roof is the top of your home, so you can think of it as a covering. As a covering, your roof seals you from the elements. Your roof keeps warm air from escaping in the colder months, prevents humid air from interfering with your air conditioning in the hotter months, and seals your home from precipitation and detritus that may be blowing around outside (Autumn leaves, for example).

That covers the “why” of the roof. The “how” of your roof can be explained not by any individual element, but the different pieces of your roof creating a cycle of protection and ventilation. Think of your roof less as an object and more of a series of elements that make up a “roofing system”. The elements that make up your roofing system are: Sheathing is a series of panels that create your roof’s base layer, typically made of plywood or oriented strand board. Shingles are added in an interlocking pattern and for weatherproofing and insulation. Metal Flashing secures your roof’s chimney, vents, piping, and valleys for additional protection. Lastly, Soffits provide venting so that the inside of your home is always comfortable regardless of the weather outside.

Do you have questions about the foundation of your roof and how it works? Are you in need of roof repairs or installation? Same Day Roofing is your first call for roofing, new roofs, roofing repair, roofing installation in Hamilton, Burlington, Ancaster and Stoney Creek. Call us at (905) 902 7663 for a free estimate.

Spotting Trouble

spotting trouble

At Same Day Roofing, we pride ourselves on offering solutions to all issues that may require roof reparation, replacement, or just some helpful advice in the Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, and surrounding areas. In our previous blog post, we covered ventilation issues that might make your home a bit “stuffy” and humid. Moving away from ventilation and vent pipes, we now turn our attention to other types of common problems associated with the shift in warmer weather.

With that in mind, you should ask yourselves this question: Have you checked your roof lately?

There are plenty of reasons to avoid a personal roof inspection during the Winter, so it is understandable if it has been a while since you or a seasoned professional has examined your roof and made sure it was in proper working order. If your shingles are all accounted for with no missing ones and they are not cupping or curving in an unusual shape, it might be easy to overlook one major roofing issue. Namely, the appearance of small dark spots on your roof.

If your shingles are showing spots, this is the result of algae growing and spreading across your roof. So, what do you do about it? First, don’t worry. This is a common occurrence that can happen to any homeowner. If they have not had algae-resistant shingles installed on their roof. Also, you will want to avoid washing off the shingles with a powerful hose, as that might blast off the granules of your shingles. A homeowner’s best bet is to install plastic strips near the ridge of the roof. These zinc strips are a noted algae-killer by releasing a fungicide when hit with precipitation.

Do you have questions about the durability or lifespan of your roof?Are you seeing spots? Maybe your roof left you feeling compromised as it approaches 20 or 25 years in service to your home? You can always call Same Day Roofing at (905) 902 7663 for a free estimate on roof replacement or any potential repairs. Remember, Same Day Roofing offers roof repairs and installations in Hamilton, Oakville, Burlington, and surrounding areas. We are here to help any time you call us.

Keeping Cool In Your Home

Roof Ventilation

Spring is here and Summer is around the corner. With that comes a remarkable upswing in temperatures and humidity. This return to warm weather, for many homeowners, could not arrive soon enough. However, as the temperature increases, there are new roofing issues for any homeowner to consider.

Yet, as things warm up, some find that their houses still remain too warm even with the air conditioner cranked up on high? Why is this? Don’t let the humidity catch you by surprise. There are a few things you can do to make sure that your house does not get overheated. It might be a roofing issue. Before we rule that out, these are a few helpful tips

First, you are going to want to examine your exhaust fans and make sure they are properly ventilated. Next, make sure the vent pipes are correctly installed to reduce build-ups of heat in the attic. Remember, the more heat there is in the attic, the more heat there is in your home. With more heat getting trapped in your home, air won’t circulate properly and you won’t get the most out of your air conditioner. As a result, your home will always be warm and “stuffy”.

Another vent pipe issue: if incorrectly installed, moisture could get trapped in your attic. You will know your vent pipes are having an issue based on the unusual presence of moisture and extreme heat in your attic, which can result in mold in extreme cases. You can repair this issue by rerouting your ducts or vent pipes.

Are you building a new home in Hamilton? Installing a new roof in Oakville? Need replacement gutters in Burlington? No problem! These are among the variety of issues Same Day Roofing lends a professional touch to each and every call we receive. Do you have an issue? We can help! Roof replacement, roof repairs…you name it and we can solve all of your roofing issues for you. Give us a call at (905) 902 7663 for a free estimate on any roofing job.

3 Types Of Shingles That Make For A Great Roof

There is no greater pride for a homeowner than in choosing and committing to the material you want for your home. Your home is your world, so it is natural to want to pick the right elements to construct all aspects of your home. Whether you are choosing the make of your doors, your siding, your gutters, your windows, your attic, or your shingles…ALL of it matters.

Yes, even something as seemingly small as the shingles on your roof can make a world of difference for your roof. Specifically, this week we will be looking at types of shingles and their durability. So, as we break down the different types of shingles to potentially be used for a new home’s roof or a replacement roof, you will get a sense of what might be best for the needs of your home.

  1. Asphalt: A popular and low-cost shingle known to last without replacement for an average of twenty years. With regular maintenance, asphalt shingles can last as long as forty or fifty years. One of the most cost effective shingles on the market, making it good for both your home and your wallet.

  2. Slate: Striking to look at, but quite expensive, slate shingles give your roof a regal quality. If you choose this option, be advised that it is not DIY-friendly and a professional roofer will need to install slate shingles. Advantage: slate shingles can last without losing their luster or needing replacements for 100 years or more!

  3. Wood: Wood shingles are still popular, though not quite as commonly used as they were during their initial heyday in North American in the first half of the twentieth century. Wood shingles offer some variety with the interlocking patterns and styles available, directing your friends and neighbors’ eyes to your roof.  Wood shingles tend to have an average lifespan and have the added environmental bonus of being derived from a renewable resource. The cost of wooden shingles tends to be in the middle: not as expensive as slate shingles, but more expensive than asphalt ones.

You take pride in your roof’s function and appearance. So, for any advice on the choosing the right elements for your roof, contact us at (905) 902 7663. At Same Day Roofing, we can provide you with a free estimate for any roof repairs or roof replacements in the Hamilton, Oakville and Burlington areas. Your home is your world. You can trust your home with us.

Five Roofing Problems Easily Prevented By Inspection

Someone fixing roof gutters

As we have covered in previous blog posts, one of the key factors in keeping your home, safe, secure, and warm is to schedule regular roof inspections. Typically, you would want these roof inspections to be performed once or (preferably) twice a year.

If you have had an inspection done within the last six months, it is very possible that having an inspection will yield no cause for alarm and that your shingles, soffits, flashing, and all the other elements that make up your roof are in perfectly good condition. So, what is the point of having an inspection done? Much like taking your car to a trusted garage for maintenance, a roof inspection is worthwhile whether the inspection yields good news or bad news. If you believe your roof is in good working order, is it not a comfort to have that confirmed by an expert? Similarly, if you suspect there might be issues with your roof, a thorough inspection will be the most effective means of determining the presence and severity of those issues.

Here are a few common roofing issues an inspection will check for and potentially prevent:

  1. Holes In Your Soffits: Soffits should never be described as “gaping”. One thing you may spot is the presence of rotting or perforated material on your soffits. The causes of holes in your soffits are two-fold. Either moisture has gotten in your soffits, causing rot, or pests have begun to eat through the soffits. Minor damage is easy to repair, but if the rot or perforations are extensive, a new soffit system may be required.

  2. Loose Flashing: Caused primarily by weather, flashing issues will increase the number of leaks in the home.

  3. Joint Separation In Gutters: Separated joints in your gutters will result in some leaks, but they can be easily caulked.

  4. Damaged Gutters: Gutter leaks may simply be the result of holes in the gutter system, which will need to be patched.

  5. Rotten Fascia: This one is fairly easy to spot with the naked eye if you do not have a gutter system. If you do, simply check behind the gutters for signs of rot.

The only reason to potentially skip over a roof inspection is if you know there are problems with your roofing. If you live in Hamilton, Oakville, Burlington, or the surrounding areas, and you suspect you may have any roofing issues, call us! You can always call Same Day Roofing at (905) 902 7663 for a free estimate on potential insulation issues, roof repairs, roof installations or roof replacements.

Know Your Home: Roof Replacement Guide

Young man inspecting the roof of an old house

Age begets wisdom in human beings. When it comes to your home, well, age begets a number of potential issues. Whether it is the quantifiable wear and tear of typical changes in seasons or the unpredictability of sudden gusts of wind or high rates of precipitation, the age of your home will denote its vulnerability to the elements.

In layman’s terms, you may want to consider some roof renovations if you suspect your home is “getting up in years”. How many years, you ask? Well, that depends on the materials used when building your home. After all, the general consensus is that your roof needs to be replaced every 20 to 50 years. However, what is the right length of time for your roof? You would not want to be too early or too late when you ultimately decide to have your roof replaced.

Having your roof inspected twice annually is still the best way to determine what repairs or replacements–if any–need to be done on your roof. Before you have your roof inspected, just go through the following checklist:

  1. If there are leaks or gusts of wind blowing through your home, the culprit may be insulation rather than the need for a complete roof replacement.

  2. You will want to make sure your shingles are not changing shape or colour. Curling or discoloured shingles denote trapped moisture in your roof.
  3. Also consider your siding. It is understandable that many homeowners, for reasons of time and money, will replace their siding before they invest in replacing their roof. So, you can start planning for your new roof by choosing the new siding with an eye on picking siding that will complement your new roof when you get it replaced

For roof replacements in Hamilton, Oakville, Burlington, and surrounding areas, you can always call Same Day Roofing. We are always happy to answer any of your questions. All it takes is a quick phone call to Same Day Roofing at (905) 902 7663 for a free estimate and expert advice on any roof replacements, roof repairs, or roof installations.