Preventing Ice Dams

The best way to prevent winter roofing damage is to address any previous problems early in the Spring, and then look for any new potential problems in the fall. If you’ve never had any problems with your roof, you’ll only need to clean your rain gutters and check your roof for damage to avoid most complications.

In the previous blog post, we identified ways to keep your roof free of icicles. Another roofing issue common to the winter months is to address the cause of an ice dam. Ice dams are an ice blockage that occurs at the edge of your roof when excess water accumulates and freezes. Should an ice dam go unacknowledged, it will only grow as further precipitation accumulates and freezes, risking further damage to your roof.

If you have seen or suspect there are ice dams on your roof, the first thing you will want to do is identify the source of the moisture creating the dam. And where is the first place to diagnose this potential roof issue? Your attic.

Improper insulation is another common issue that could cause dams. An attic inspection will confirm if you have proper attic insulation, as inadequate insulation could result in pockets of moisture forming resulting in an ice dam. If you notice any leaks or general dampness in your attic, it could be that your insulation is lacking. This is a problem that needs to be fixed immediately as leaks can cause the structural members of your roof to rot.

Alternatively, moisture can be created if your attic hatch is unsealed, so you will want to ensure that your hatch is covered by weather-stripped caps to prevent moisture, ice dams, and loss of heat.

Next, you will want to consider your vents. Your vents circulate air throughout your home and you want to make sure that all vents and ducts are connected to the outside of your home via your roof ducts rather than your soffits.

Is your ceiling springing the occasional leak? Or would you just like to make a few cosmetic changes to your roof? For attic inspections and roof repairs in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, and surrounding areas, you can always trust the experts at Same Day Roofing. Call us (905) 902 7663 for a free estimate on your next attic inspection.

Keep Your Roof Icicle-Free

It is that time of year where roofing calls are few and far between. After all, it is typically too dangerous to access the roof to inspect or repair your shingles and trim. Once winter has arrived, the majority of roofing work just can’t be done and homeowners are always encouraged to do regular check-ups, maintenance, and cleaning of their roofing systems in order to prevent major issues from developing during the winter.

As we looked at with our previous blog post on the topic of blown insulation, we continue our focus on what you can do to ensure your home’s warmth, safety, and security during these bitter winter months. Winter is a tough period for many homeowners, but there is no sense in fighting it or trying to deny it. If the season presents you with any challenges, you must take them as they come.

Most common of all issues is the appearance of icicles. Despite fond childhood memories of playing with them, you should never forget the warnings you heard in your childhood, either. The regular appearance of icicles on your roof is a potential cause for alarm. Not only can they cause personal injury, but the frequent clusters of icicles on your roof is a warning. But what issue is your roof system trying to warn you about? The icicles may be caused by inadequate, patchy, or improperly installed insulation. Similarly, your aluminum or vinyl soffits might not be providing your home with proper ventilation, which is another reason icicles can gather on your roof in large numbers.

Remember, icicles may seem pretty and natural, but they can also cause ice dams on your roof or damage its drip edge. And that’s not even counting the peace of mind of knowing you don’t have daggers of ice hanging over your head each time you step outside. If your home is the victim of frequent icicle clusters and you are not sure why you can always call us at (905) 902 7663 to examine your roof. We offer a free estimate on any potential repairs.Be it inspections, installations, or repair, Same Day Roofing are the experts for roofing in Hamilton, Oakville and Burlington.

Insulating Yourself From Winter

As winter looms, we all try our best to keep the cold where it belongs: out of our homes. Keeping warm, however, can sometimes be a costly consideration. With the costs of heating your home increasing over time, it will be tempting for some to “rough it” by slapping on as many layers as possible whilst in the home just to save a buck.

Of course, the real way to save money and keep your home warm and secure is to make an investment in your home insulation. One of the leading causes of a drafty home is an unfinished attic. At Same Day Roofing, we recommend insulating your attic with what is alternately called blown insulation or loose insulation. Blown insulation is so named because it consists of loose particles of fiberglass and other materials that are physically blown into your empty attic spaces. The insulation then creates a protective barrier that seals warmth in, keeps drafts out, and keeps your heating bills low.

Where do you find the right people to insulate your attic? That’s where Same Day Roofing comes in.

Roofing in the winter, as you know, is rarely an option. But just because the weather can be too unpredictable to commit to working on the roof does not mean that you have to suffer from any drafts or bursts of cool air that come into your home. If you have an unfinished attic that is giving you the chills, Same Day Roofing is proud to insulate your home. One call to (905) 902 7663 guarantees you a free estimate on insulating your attic. For insulation queries in the Burlington, Hamilton and Oakville areas, Same Day Roofing provides the expert repairs and advice you need to keep your home healthy.