The Biggest Danger To Your Roof This Winter – Part Two

In our last post, we looked at how precipitation in Winter can turn a common annoyance into a threat to your home and safety. We are not out of the woods for this post, either. That was just for examining any weak spots on your roof and how that might affect your home and security. This time we have to look at a danger that may be beautiful to look at, but is nonetheless very real: icicles.

Removing the excess rain, leaves, and detritus from your gutter can be a mild annoyance, but cleaning your gutters in Winter is a necessity. If condensation from rain or snow builds up in your gutters to the point that it overflows from your gutters, it could quickly freeze. Once frozen, you have got ice and icicles that could bend or break parts of your gutter system.

More urgently, icicles and large, heavy chunks of ice run the risk of falling from your roof. The best case scenarios for such an event are injury, but noticeably sharp or heavy icicles have been known to cause death in rare instances. Just because death from icicles is infrequent does not mean you should rest easy on checking your roof and gutter system and keep them both clean and ready for Winter’s harshest elements.

To safely clear off icicles, use a long rake, shovel, or broom stick and handle it in a “backwards” position (i.e: so the wooden or plastic stick end is facing away from you). Then, extend your stick handle in a diagonal fashion–think “up and over”. Up and over is easy to remember, but it’s also your safest option. Raising so it can be raised to the roof from the ground and away from your body at the same time. Be sure to alert your family and anyone else in or near your home that you are clearing icicles, in order to minimize accidents.

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