The “How” and “Why” Of Roofing

how does roof work

Roof installation and roof repair in Hamilton, Burlington, Ancaster, and Stoney Creek has long been our claim to fame at Same Day Roofing. As a result of being your first call for roofing services for over 15 years, all of us at Same Day Roofing get a number of different questions from homeowners of all ages. One of the most common questions we get from new homeowners is “how exactly does my roof work”?

While the question may seem basic on its face, it is never too late to learn the intricacies of your roof and its functionality. After all, how often do you consider the different elements that work together to create your roof? Before we look at the “how” of that question, we should really underline the basics of what your roof does. A roof is the top of your home, so you can think of it as a covering. As a covering, your roof seals you from the elements. Your roof keeps warm air from escaping in the colder months, prevents humid air from interfering with your air conditioning in the hotter months, and seals your home from precipitation and detritus that may be blowing around outside (Autumn leaves, for example).

That covers the “why” of the roof. The “how” of your roof can be explained not by any individual element, but the different pieces of your roof creating a cycle of protection and ventilation. Think of your roof less as an object and more of a series of elements that make up a “roofing system”. The elements that make up your roofing system are: Sheathing is a series of panels that create your roof’s base layer, typically made of plywood or oriented strand board. Shingles are added in an interlocking pattern and for weatherproofing and insulation. Metal Flashing secures your roof’s chimney, vents, piping, and valleys for additional protection. Lastly, Soffits provide venting so that the inside of your home is always comfortable regardless of the weather outside.

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