How To Maintain Your Tile Roof

how to maintain tile roof

One of the key aspects of maintaining your tile roof is ensuring that it is secure. You can put your mind at ease if you have a professional roofing company handle the job. After all, if you want to sleep with peace of mind knowing that you and your loved ones are safe and secure, it is best to trust the professionals.

So, one question we are frequently asked is: what is the best method for cleaning a tile roof?

Here’s what you need to know. The last thing you want to do is resort to a pressure wash. While the tiles make a strong, secure barricade against the elements in unison, their weaknesses are apparent when a great deal of pressure is applied to the individual tiles. Pressure washing your tiles can often put too much pressure on each of your tiles, compromising their integrity. Blasting the tiles with water can seem like a quick fix, but it might be causing more damage than the cleaning is worth. Pressure washing can erode the concrete tiles or penetrate through into the felt below, resulting in a leak in your home.

The safest way to keep your tile roof clean is also the most time consuming, but it is worth it in the long run: individually cleaning the tiles of your roof. Your options for this? One is by applying a trowel and a wire brush and to wash them manually with water. For any signs of moss of fungus, reasonably priced fungicides and chemicals can remove these problems. Consult a roofing expert if that is a solution you might need for your roof.=

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