Roof maintenance tips

Roof Maintenance Tips

Spending a few minutes every six months can help you identify any areas that may need maintenance. Replacing a roof can be costly, these maintenance tips will help identify the things you should look at to prevent costly repairs.

  • Look for signs of wear and tear, missing or curled shingles should be replaced.
  • Check for signs of fungus or algae, installing zinc or lead control strips will help prevent this.
  • Make sure all the flashing is solid.
  • Make sure there is no cracked mortar or cracked caulking around joints and the chimney, seal it if there is.
  • If you see any signs of a leaking roof have it checked right away, roof leaks only get worse. If you catch it early enough it could save you money.
  • A snow rake is a good tool to have, a thick layer of snow accumulation could lead to a roof collapse.
  • Clean your gutters, clogged gutters can lead to water seepage in basements and garages.

Insulation Maintenance Tips

Heating and cooling your home accounts for 50 – 70% of your energy use. Unless your home was constructed with special attention to energy efficiency, adding insulation will probably reduce your utility bills, these tips will help identify

  • Make sure your attic is insulated to recommended levels, this includes the attic door.
  • Make sure you have broken-down insulation replaced.
  • Make sure your soffit or intake vents aren’t blocked.
  • If you are worried about your insulation, get a remote thermometer and put it in the attic. The temperature should never be more than 20 degrees warmer than the outside temperature.