Should You Reshingle This Winter?

Snow on roof in the winter

One of the more common calls we receive as a roofing company is to aid a homeowner with reshingling their roof. Same Day Roofing is proud to offer our expertise on the issue and guarantee that all roofing tasks will be completed with both expertise and efficiency. Commonly, any reshingling is done in the Spring or Summer months so as not to get besieged by rain, snow, or other precipitation, detritus, and seasonal issues that can hamper roofing projects during the peak months of Fall and Winter.

If it is typical and even recommended to commit to reshingling one’s roof in the Spring and Summer, one question we are often asked is:

“Is it even possible to reshingle my roof in the Winter?”

With a professional and highly motivated roofing team working on your roof, it is entirely possible to have your roof reshingled in the Winter. However, there are many unwelcome challenges that make the situation longer, more difficult, and potentially more costly. First, a reshingling appointment could only be scheduled and kept when the weather is reasonable enough to permit roofing work in the first place.

Secondly, there could be an issue with the tools one needs to get the job done. Remember that an air compressor is a big part of any roofing job. A compressor will be used with the nail gun that is attaching your new shingles to the roof. It is generally accepted that the ideal temperatures to install shingles is between 4 and 26 degrees celsius. In colder temperatures, moisture and condensation could build up causing dampness and slippery ice patches to interfere with the job and put roofers at unnecessary risk.

Lastly, you want to consider the most important element in this job: the shingles themselves. Some shingles, such as asphalt shingles, will be less pliable during colder months and much harder to install.

With these three key considerations in mind, we advise homeowners that reshingling in Winter is possible but not recommended. If you have any roofing questions, trust the experts. We service Dundas, Stoney Creek, Hamilton, Ancaster, Burlington, Mount Hope, Grimsby, or St. Catharines, and surrounding areas. You can reach Same Day Roofing anytime at (905) 902 7663.