Be it new roof installation or roof repair, Same Day Roofing are the definitive experts for roofing in Oakville and Burlington and surrounding area. We install roofs daily and can inspect your roof which would lead to an explanation of developing water issues.

When you should opt to fix the roof

If the roof is leaking, most roof leaks can be repaired without replacing the roof. Most roofs leak due to flashing problems, typically at an intersection of two roof components; roof and plumbing vent, roof and chimney, roof and wall, etc.

When you should opt to replace the roof

Replacing a roof, on the other hand, is something that has to be done periodically, and is seldom done because of an obvious leak. More commonly, the shingles have dried out and become cracked, brittle and deteriorated to the point where the roof remains saturated under the roof shingles, causing slow decay rather than an obvious stick-the-bucket-under-it leak. If your roof is approaching the 20-year mark, replacement is a better way to go.

Roof Repair and Roof Installation in Oakville

Has your roof left you feeling compromised as it approaches 20 or 25 years in service to your home? It may be time to replace your roof. You can always call Same Day Roofing at (905) 902 7663 for a free estimate on roof replacement or any potential repairs. Same Day Roofing offers roof repairs and roof installations in Oakville. We work in your area daily. Let us know, and we’ll stop by.


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Our Roofing Process

Jobsite Protection

Sensitive areas are shielded with tarps and plywood, Preventative measures are taken to protect your belongings windows/siding, delicate flower beds, air-conditioners, etc. are susceptible to falling debris especially due to unforeseen weather patterns.

Old Material Removal

Removal and disposal of all the old roofing material, We bring our own dump trailer that has rubber tires to save your driveway from potential damage. We will clean up everything so that your property is in the same condition when we leave as it was when we arrived.

Vent Installation

Proper ventilation, A poorly ventilated attic can greatly reduce the life of your roof, and potentially allow mold to cultivate. Increasing ventilation will improve the efficiency of heating and cooling in your home. For extended roof life we ensure that there is adequate exhaust venting to meet CMHC and CSA standards.

Preventative Techniques

Preventative roofing techniques, for a long-term commitment to you as the home owner, we make sure to secure problem areas with ice and water guard, caulk all exposed nail heads, and dismantle defective workmanship. Every home will experience weather and deterioration differently. Consider installing a roof underlayment for those in the long term.

New Accessories

Brand new accessories, meaning existing vents, flanges, flashing, roof edge, valley’s caulking etc. will be replaced to give your roof the polished look it deserves.

Roofing Repairs

Sometimes it’s not necessary to replace the roof if it just needs some small repairs. We handle all types of roof repairs, even if we did not install your roof. One of our roofing experts will be able to take care of your issue, whether its an attic inspection to pinpoint a leak or to just replace some missing tiles. In most cases we will do a site visit to asses the situation and we may require an attic inspection to pinpoint the problem. We do charge for these services but most often repairs can be done within the first visit; done right on the spot.



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