Spotting Trouble

spotting trouble

At Same Day Roofing, we pride ourselves on offering solutions to all issues that may require roof reparation, replacement, or just some helpful advice in the Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, and surrounding areas. In our previous blog post, we covered ventilation issues that might make your home a bit “stuffy” and humid. Moving away from ventilation and vent pipes, we now turn our attention to other types of common problems associated with the shift in warmer weather.

With that in mind, you should ask yourselves this question: Have you checked your roof lately?

There are plenty of reasons to avoid a personal roof inspection during the Winter, so it is understandable if it has been a while since you or a seasoned professional has examined your roof and made sure it was in proper working order. If your shingles are all accounted for with no missing ones and they are not cupping or curving in an unusual shape, it might be easy to overlook one major roofing issue. Namely, the appearance of small dark spots on your roof.

If your shingles are showing spots, this is the result of algae growing and spreading across your roof. So, what do you do about it? First, don’t worry. This is a common occurrence that can happen to any homeowner. If they have not had algae-resistant shingles installed on their roof. Also, you will want to avoid washing off the shingles with a powerful hose, as that might blast off the granules of your shingles. A homeowner’s best bet is to install plastic strips near the ridge of the roof. These zinc strips are a noted algae-killer by releasing a fungicide when hit with precipitation.

Do you have questions about the durability or lifespan of your roof?Are you seeing spots? Maybe your roof left you feeling compromised as it approaches 20 or 25 years in service to your home? You can always call Same Day Roofing at (905) 902 7663 for a free estimate on roof replacement or any potential repairs. Remember, Same Day Roofing offers roof repairs and installations in Hamilton, Oakville, Burlington, and surrounding areas. We are here to help any time you call us.