Four Warning Signs That Could Save Your Roof

curling shingles - roof repair

Whether you have had a home built from scratch or moved into an existing residence, a mistake some homeowners tend to make is to treat their roof as "done" after an initial inspection. Once the house has been looked at by a professional and your home has stood the test of time for its first few years, it can be easy to ignore the roof until an obvious issue presents itself. That temptation is ill-advised, as a keen eye on your roof's appearance will prevent minor issues from blossoming into a series of major repairs.

With minor vigilance, you can assess your roof's health with the help of these 4 Warning Signs:

Cracked Flashing:

A quick check of your roof can determine if your flashing– thin strips of weather resistant material– are cracking or lifting, which could lead to roof leaks.

Aging Shingles:

An intricate layering of elements designed to protect your roof from UV rays and give it an appealing shape, shingles offer both style and substance for your roof. Aged shingles alter your roof’s appearance either via gaps in your roof from fallen-out shingles or a "cupped" shape caused by shingles curling up at the end of their lifespan.

Attic "Lights":

There's plenty of warning signs to heed inside your home, as well. Checking your attic for signs of light pouring in will lead you to damaged areas in your roof.

Ceiling Stains:

Our last warning sign also comes from within. With a compromised roof, water begins to seep into your home and stain your ceilings. The initial appearance can be a subtle, spreading, vaguely circular pattern where the colour of your ceiling seems a little "off". As time progresses, this stain will spread and darken in colour. Ceiling stains are to be taken seriously, but are somewhat ambiguous, as they are a sign of anything from roof damage to plumbing issues.

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Roof Maintenance – Cleaning Your Gutters

leaky roof repair - clogged gutters

Leaks are not just one of the most common issues to occur to the home, but potentially one of the most harmful as well. Should you spot water accumulating in your home, you must first dry affected areas as quickly as possible before turning your attention to the source of the leak. A leaking roof is one thing, but surely damp patches and leaks in your basement would have nothing to do with roof repair, right?

Wrong. Once you’ve eliminated the possibility of any damaged piping, the real reason behind the water pooling in your basement becomes clear. Though the source of these puddles is most likely the result of water collecting near the foundation, this may have more to do with your roof than you ever realized.

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The reason water is collecting in your foundation and appearing in your basement could very well be the result of a clogged gutter.

Gutter maintenance is not as tricky as you may think, as you’ve got two major components to focus on: the metal gutters which collect condensation and debris, and the gutter drain known as the downspout. A trowel can easily remove smaller collections of leaves and debris. If you’ve got pools of dirty water in your gutters, the downspout could be blocked up. A clogged downspout can be flushed by placing a hose through the spout hole and running water through the downspout at full blast. The force from the water should remove any obstructions causing the downspout clog.

If you suspect your gutters are in a state of disrepair or would like a professional to inspect your roof for damages or need of roof maintenance, you can always call us at (905) 902 7663 for a free estimate on any potential roof repairs. We work in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Ancaster and surrounding areas. Let us know, and we’ll stop by.


Roof Repairs – Damaged Sheathing And What To Do With It

roof repairs - sheathing repairs

In our previous article, we established the basics of the individual elements that make up your roof and how they work in tandem to provide you with the safety and comfort you expect from your home. Once you understand the basic functionality of your roof, it’s far easier to understand when your roof will need repairs.

Your roof’s sheathing is the foundational protective layer. Properly installed sheathing can last a lifetime, which is why many homeowners are confused when faced with the prospect of replacing it. Patching the occasional leak in the home is one thing, but excessive exposure to moisture can damage your Sheathing and your home.

Not all homes use the same type of sheathing. Typically, modern roofs are constructed using 4 x 8 sheets of plywood or oriented stratboard (OSB). The main distinction between plywood and OSB is one of cost, as OSB is usually available at a cheaper price. However, there is evidence showing that plywood is considerably more resistant to condensation, while OSB is likely to swell and become deformed more easily with exposure to moisture.

The replacement process begins by removing the shingles on the surface to access the sheathing beneath. After the shingles have been removed, the damaged layer is ready to be inspected for replacement. The replacement patch must be the same thickness as the damaged boards. Once cut to size, the replacement board can be nailed to the existing board.

While the process for replacing damaged sheathing may seem simple, there are many considerations to keep in mind. When sheathing must be repaired, it’s also of vital importance to identify and repair the source of moisture to ensure no future sheathing issues. Similarly, one must trust a professional when cutting damaged sheathing, as the boards can contain electrical wiring. If you’re experiencing problems with leaks or suspect you may need your roof sheathing repaired, be sure to call us at (905) 902 7663. We offer FREE ROOFING ESTIMATES in Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton and surrounding areas. We also do roof repairs and new roofs installations. You can trust your home with us.