Roof Installation – Weatherproofing Elements – The Drip Edge

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Weatherproofing your home is one of the first considerations one makes when installing a roof. The flashing installed along your roof helps keep your home safe, comfortable and dry. Most homes use metal flashing, but some utilize flashing made of rubber. These thin strips are then installed around roof elements or between adjoining surfaces on your roof.

Same Day Roofing are experts in roof installations in Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville, Ancaster and surrounding area. For the benefit of our customers, our roof installation process covers all aspects of roofing, including shingle installation, sheathing replacement, flashing replacement or installation and drip edge installation.

The flashing placed in your roof is but one factor in weatherproofing your home. With those thin strips in place, precipitation won’t be leaking through the roof. With rain, sleet, snow, hail and other troublesome elements unable to enter your home, the water runoff from your roof will still need to be gracefully disposed of. This is where the Drip Edge comes into play.

Drip Edge – Function and Installation

Your Drip Edge is another form of flashing that has one specific job: providing an exit for all the precipitation accumulating on your roof. To facilitate this, the drip edge is installed along the eaves and rake edges of your roof and is always nailed directly to the roof decking. For eaves, it will be installed before the felt paper is attached. The opposite approach is taken for rake edges, where the Drip Edge is installed after the felt paper in your roof has been attached so as to keep that paper dry.

There are two types of Drip Edge commonly seen in homes today. The distinction between Extended Profile Drip Edges and C-Strip Drip Edges is that the latter has a hemmed overhang while the former has none. These two types also highlight the secondary benefit of your Drip Edge, which is that it gives your roof an appealing and attractive shape.

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