Understanding Your Roof – The View From The Top

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Your home is your world. You take pride in its utility and appearance, but what do you need to know to protect and maintain your source of comfort and shelter? With all the intricacies of being a homeowner, where do you begin?

We like to begin at the top. Your roof is more than just a single layer of protection for your home, but an entire system whose appearance is deceptively simple. To know if your roof is operating to its full potential, you need to understand that system and how it works. Your roof is designed to fulfill three crucial functions for the safety of the home:

  1. Shelter – Keeps the outside out.
  2. Ventilation – Lets you breathe easy.
  3. Drainage – Prevents water damage.

Those concepts are easy to understand, but how does the roof system accomplish these tasks?

First, you’ve got the sheathing to provide the base for your roof before it is covered by shingles. With the basic foundation of your roof created, the metal flashing provides your next layer of comfort. Flashing refers to thin strips of weather resistant material, usually architectural metals, securely installed around chimneys, vents, piping, and valleys on your roof. Metal Flashing seals out external debris or condensation in the form of rainwater, hail, and snow. Put simply, it weatherproofs your roof.

Flashing keeps elements out, but you don’t want to turn your home into an incubator. Your roof also needs proper ventilation to ensure that there’s always fresh air freely circulating in your home. Soffits are a vented roof element, typically made out of aluminum and vinyl, which cover your eaves below the roof overhang.

That’s where the fascia comes in. Fascias are wooden boards that support Soffits and provide protective covering for your rafters. Fascias support your gutter and downspout system, creating drainage for excess condensation which can damage your roof.

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A greater understanding of your roof is essential in the maintenance and protection of your home. If you have any concerns about your roof, contact us at (905) 902 7663. For roofing in Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton and surrounding areas we can provide you with a free estimate. We also do roof repairs. Your home is your world. You can trust your home with us.